Joyn Group

JOYN is an international IT group of top skilled Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing companies with over 20 years and high experience and knowledge on Banking, Insurance, Services and Public Sectors.

Infosistema, Growin, Joyn Ventures, GreenLynx and Uniksystem are our highly skilled companies that we’ve build from scratch or merged with us along the way. Each one is focused on mastering their business, but all share the same competence on delivering effective value to their customers, the spirit of excellence and profound sense of commitment that runs in JOYN’s DNA.

Joyn Group


  • growth on target


    for 2017
  • +2 750 000

    project hours
  • projects in


  • +240

  • +350



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    Product Development
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  • Infosistema

    Infosistema acts in Technology and business consulting providing products and services to streamline the organizations in Banking and Insurance sectors. We are specialists in the development of Business support Portals, Information Management & Integration, BPM solutions, Business & Software Factories and advanced analytics.
  • Uniksystem

    The Uniksystem is made by teams with 15 years of experience in Financial Consulting, HR, BPM Solutions, Equity Inventories and Development of portals / websites. We combine expertise in legal / bureaucratic issues with the best expertise in IT, acting mostly in the public and industry sector.
  • Growin

    Growin is an IT Consulting and Outsourcing company made by a team with proven experience and expertise in a diverse range of technologies. There is always something that larger companies do like no other, and gathering the most talented IT professionals is what we do as no one.
  • Greenlynx

    Greenlynx is an IT Consulting and Outsourcing company focused in offering to the Spanish banking and insurance sectors, Morphing portals, SOA, Business intelligence, BPM and Big Data innovative solutions.
  • Joyn Ventures

    Joyn Ventures promotes growth and scalability of startups focused in Medtech and Fintech. Its goal is to give support and the necessary investment for those startups in seed and pre-seed stage, enhancing, this way, their sales volume and business potential by reorganizing their business model and implementation of growth and internationalization strategies.
  • Infosistema UK

    Infosistema UK is an innovative startup of Infosistema Group that acts in Technology and business consulting in the UK market focused in the Insurance and Banking sector